We must proceed as if the limits to our imagination do not exist we are collaborators in creation.  –Pierre Teilhard de Chardin






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Florida Health Care Summit is a project produced by Florida Media Labs and coordinated by Mobilized.  Partnership is in our DNA. We partner with Organizations, Associations, Non-Profits and NGO’s who place committment to serving the needs of community above other organizational objectives. We seek partners who are passionate about working with others for a shared goal.

Our partners recognize that health care is a human right and that while there are many organizations working for similar outcomes,  we can do much more when we work together for a common goal.


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Curiosity didn’t kill the Cat. It Was Bad Information.
We Put The Power of Community Communication To Work

 In order to effectively and efficiently solve the health care crisis in Florida, a clear understanding of the issues underlying the problems must be brought forward. Constructive solutions require having principles, processes and people, well coordinated, working together.  The Florida Health Care Summit is committed to enabling the conversations that lead to success and has created a highly productive platform for this purpose.

The success of an event such as this is a team effort that demands our organizations collaborate and cooperate in partnership with one another.

The Florida Health Care Summit partners with Organizations, Associations, Non-Profits and NGO’s that are unconditionally committed to collabatively discovering and working on new possibilities to enable Universal access to Health Care in Florida.

Our Partnerships help us identify the individuals within communities across Florida who are leading efforts locally and statewide to develop Universal Health Care in Florida. These community leaders have a platform through the Florida Health Care Summit to have their message heard by a larger audience who can turn their message into action to achieve the success we are all working toward.



The Florida Health Care Summit provides an opportunity for brilliant leaders in organizations large and small to put their white papers and TED Talks into action. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and get down to business. Partners benefit from sharing information  about each other’s efforts via the Florida Health Care Summit ezine, Perspectives, which is published weekly through through our email list and our partners various email lists and social media channels. Florida Health Care Summit also offers organizations an opportunity to raise funds through compensation for a percentage of ticket sales income. Discover how you can be or your organization can become a partner in bringing Universal Health Care to Florida.



Some of our partners are experts in their fields. All are committed to and recognize Health Care as a Human Right. Our partners share the vision of Florida Health Care Summit with their supporters through emails and social media. Partners help identify experts and community leaders both within their organizations and from their communities at large who prepare presentations for the sessions provided at the Summit. By working together, through the power and strength of community collaboration, the Summit provides the vehicle to ensure that Florida has a Road Map to Universal Health Care within 2 years, by the year 2020.