Friday, February 16, 2018: Creating the Future:

What’s possible when we enter a world with the opportunity to remain healthy all our lives?    The benefits are healthier communities, healthier individuals, and a healthier ecosystem and economy.

7:30 Doors Open: We are planning for a sold-out event. In the event there are registration tickets left, we will open walk up Registration to take place at 9:00 a.m.


8:30 Opening Keynote Address:

Why we are here? How are we going to enable our goals? Since we all want the same thing, maybe we need to come together united, put our minds and hearts together,  and enable better together. We are building a road map to enabling Universal Health Care,  for us all.

“Since our leadership refuses to lead, it is time for the new leaders to step forward.”

To do this, we are uniting leaders from across Florida in a series of co-creation sessions, where people will discover new people, understand from the perspectives of others, overcome misconceptions, gain new understandings and work better together.

An Evolution in Health Care Provisioning Powered by Evidence-based Wisdom: How can a better understanding of of the obstacles to health, wellness and well-being help to enable a healthier society? How does media impact and enable this?  What type of systems and structures need to be put in place? How can we better employ those that already exist.

Defining the Starting Point:

Realistically appraising where we are, what resources we are starting with , and what obstacles stand in our way

Breaking Down the Barriers: 

Overcoming obstacles, roadblocks, a coming together of the minds, hearts and spirits



Lunch and Networking Break

Special to the Summit: We are proud to announce the screening of “Bending the Arc” 

The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. THEY BENT IT FASTER.

In 1983, three young people barely out of their teens began a public health revolution by treating patients who had been abandoned by the health establishment.

Dr. Paul Farmer, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, activist Ophelia Dahl, Todd McCormack, and investor Thomas White began a movement in the 1980s that changed global health forever. Bending the Arc tells their story.

The community health model they developed to treat diseases like tuberculosis & HIV/AIDS has saved millions of lives in the developing world.

Their fight for universal health equity became a global battle in the highest halls of power for the right to health for all.

As a result, world policies changed, deeply entrenched ideas transformed, and millions of lives were pulled back from the brink of death.

Through remarkably candid interviews and stunning never-before-seen archival and on-the-ground footage shot in the midst of a deadly epidemic, the audience is immersed in the struggle of these fiercely dedicated characters as they fight ancient diseases, scrape together funding with the lives of their friends on the line, face scorn and hostility from the global health establishment, and suffer heartbreaking mistakes from their own lack of experience.

Reaching far beyond the issue of health care, Bending the Arc shows how moral imagination, strategy, and sheer will together can change the trajectory of the world, bending the arc of the moral universe closer to justice.

Afternoon Session Schedule:

  • 1:00 – 1:45      

  • 1:55 – 2:40

  • 2:50 – 3:35

  • 3:45 – 4:30

Between the afternoon sessions and dinner we will break for one hour.



7:00 pm – Former Congressman Alan Grayson will Address the Summit in a Keynote on Health Care for Florida.

Congressman Grayson began his political career promising to work for to reform the health care system. 



The Florida Health Summit Day 1

Mobilizing People to Mobilize Policymakers:   Since most people want better health care systems, what steps and actions do we need to take to push our policymakers to enable Universal Health Care.

*Schedule Subject to Change. Please bookmark this website for updates!

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