Presentation Submissions

Florida Media Labs and The Florida Health Care Summit are now accepting submissions for the 2018 Florida Health Care Summit, to be held February 16-17, 2018 in West Palm Beach, FL.

Florida Media Labs is a nonprofit organization that provides career training to disadvantaged youth in the areas of Streaming Media, Investigative Journalism, Computer Programming, Web Development, and Internet Marketing. FML offers an on-the-job-training experience along with educational courses leading to certifications in some of the most high-demand and sought-after skills in theses related professions.

The Florida Health Care Summit is a partnership of grassroots leadership, community, labor, and political organizations dedicated to ensuring that everyone in Florida has access to fact-based information for prevention of illnesses and access health care at the earliest sign of illness or disease.

The success of The Florida Health Care Summit depends upon the quality of those participating.

To be considered for a speaking track, please contact us with the form below.  We will contact you within 24 to 48 hours. Thank you.

Call for Presentations

  • Please let us know which track and session you are submitting for. Please send any White Papers or CV's to us through the File Upload section.